Pedal for Hope


Photo Karen Graham.
Inspector Neil Collins replaces Inspector Dan Smith as the prime operations contact for Cavan Monaghan’s police services. The calm and soft spoken Inspector Smith has been the point man since the Peterborough Police first assumed responsibility for the township, and has been pleased with the reception he and his officers have received by the community.

Local elementary schools outdid themselves this year in their fundraising efforts for pediatric cancer research with their donations to the local Pedal for Hope project. 

This three-week, 1,000 kilometre cycling tour across central Ontario features local police service staff volunteers who visit 46 elementary schools delivering a message about cancer prevention and supporting Pediatric Cancer Research. Each officer dedicates their ride to a child battling cancer, some riding for a child in memoriam.

Millbrook/South Cavan and North Cavan public school visits occur on the last day of the tour.  During the school assemblies, the leader of the police troupe announced that this year’s donations were expected to bring the total raised over the thirteen years of the project to $5 million.  Always run and energetic, the assemblies also keep the message clear- it’s about helping kids with cancer.  The original inspiration behind the annual event was a five year old cancer survivor who was bullied upon returning to school because he had lost his hair because of his treatment.  The head shaves are a nod to this person who was able to kick the disease and is now 29 years old.  This year the riders incorporated an anti-bullying message and wore pink socks.  During the assemblies, the spandex-clad police officers encouraged students to stand up against bullying whenever they saw it happening.

At Millbrook South Cavan, students raised $9,538.10, topping their previous year’s number, with19 shaves and 3 ponytails performed during the assembly.  Other fundraising activities in previous weeks included coin drives, spirit events and popcorn sales.

North Cavan also raised more money than last year, thanks to seven shaved heads, one ponytail donation and efforts from all members of the school community whose generosity for the cause brought the total contribution to $4,390.80 from this small school population.  Congratulations to all participants.  KG

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