Millbrook Dam Project Update


Photo Karen Graham.
The spillway construction has begun and progress will continue until the summer when it will be put on hold for sediment removal.

In his most recent report to Council, Dan Marinigh of the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority (ORCA) advised that despite delays due to unseasonal April weather, the project continues to progress well and is expected to come in on budget.  The project is several weeks behind schedule, and because its scope has been extended to include dredging, it is not expected to be complete until early December.   ORCA is pleased with the contractor’s performance and delighted that no geotechnical issues have surfaced and given the project status it is unlikely any will arise.  This eliminates the biggest source of financial risk inherent in the project.

The excavation work is now complete and the sub-grade granular material is in place and compacted. The sheet pile cut off wall and the mud mat have been installed and the construction of the spillway has also begun and will continue until August.

The sediment removal will suspend the dam construction activities temporarily as they must take place during the summer months.  Sediment removal is expected to require two months to complete.  It will begin at the face of the embankment and run on both sides of the island stretching as far back as the removal equipment can go.

Heavy equipment operation continues seven days a week during the reconstruction project.

The final phase of the construction project will involve the removal of the coffer dams and the installation of hardscaping on the earthen embankment of the dam. The project is expected to be completed by early December, 2018.  KG

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