North Cavan Students Unveil their Quilt Block


Photo Karen Graham. Students and staff at North Cavan Public School celebrate the installation of the quilt block made last year under the direction of Cavan Monaghan Quilt Block Trail volunteers. Based on traditional quilt patterns, this colourful art installation recognizes our heritage and students are pleased to contribute their efforts to this inclusive project that celebrates community.

It’s been a year since grade one and four students at North Cavan public School took pencils and paint to develop their quilt blocks relying on one of 12 traditional quilt patterns and a selected colour pallet developed by members of the Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail group.

The creative restrictions were introduced to ensure the final product presented an appealing and united quilt block display representing the quilting tradition in the area.  The 20 block display incorporates four blocks of each of the five selected patterns which include log cabin, bear paw, Canadian flag, flying geese and 9 squares, with the panel mounted on the fence near the road to provide high visibility.  Students in Mr. Heuvel’s grade one class were assisted by students in Mrs. Cavaggio’s Grade four/five class with the helpful guidance of Quilt Block Trail volunteers Elaine Young, Linda Lawrence, Carol Jenkins and Linda Davidson.

Despite their being another year older and wiser, the students who created the blocks were pleased to see it take its prominent place in front of the school knowing their efforts were now part of a long-lasting testament to the community’s heritage.

Trails like these driven by local volunteers who create their own series of quilt panels out of a sense of local pride and to express appreciation for the history and way of life of their rural communities.  The Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail now includes twelve installations with two more blocks completed and about to be installed.  The group hopes to continue to expand the number of blocks throughout the villages and hamlets of the township providing images that celebrate agriculture and entrepreneurship in our community.  There are also a number of designs in progress.   The group is looking for more participation in northern part of the township as well as in the hamlets of Springville, Fraserville, Mount Pleasant and Five Mile Turn to ensure representation across the township. Property owners with barns who would be interested in having a block quilt installed are invited to contact the committee at KG

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