Millbrook Puck and Stick Score Some Points Helping Prepare Christmas Hampers

Photo supplied.
Members of the Puck and Stick group gave a helping hand to volunteers at the Millbrook Food Share last month as they prepared Christmas hampers to share some holiday comforts with local families in need.

On Tuesday December l7th, the Millbrook Puck and Stick gang got together and assisted Foodshare volunteers with the Christmas hampers at Millbrook Food Share at the Old Millbrook School.

Previously these hampers had been put together by the Millbrook Rangers and Pathfinders.  Each needy family is given a quantity of groceries to get them through the holiday season.  This is a big job for the volunteers to get them ready for the following Tuesday and we thank them for their help.

On the hamper delivery day, the volunteer tradition continued as the Puck and Stick Group pictured above stepped in to help the staff organize and fill the many boxes.

You may say those pictured don’t look like hockey players, but you have to see them on the ice to take in their skills.  Puck and Stick was started about twenty years ago and has grown substantially.  Food Share has always been supported by these athletes and initially when there was no charge for skating, voluntary donations from users were collected and donated to this local organization and in some years the annual donation approached three thousand dollars.

If you are interested in joining us we play Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 am until 12 noon.  We don’t organize teams, just a good skate and shoot. The only thing required other than your minimal gear is an approved helmet.  If you are new to the community come out and join us and your picture may get in the paper next year. KG

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