Mayor Candidate Jim Chaplin


Jim Chaplin

The key issues in this campaign are the rapidly rising taxes in recent years.  My own taxes are up 106% since 2010.  In Millbrook the water rates are out of control and are having a detrimental effect on many residents.

Our community is being divided instead of being united.  The three former municipalities must work together for the betterment of all.  Millbrook offers a vibrant arts community, many heritage buildings and a rich history that must be preserved.

Cavan has an abundance of agricultural lands and has the ability to produce local food and to service the trend towards a 100 mile diet.  We are strategically located within 100 miles of Toronto, as well as several other larger communities.

North Monaghan is our commercial and industrial base and we came very close to having over 4100 acres annexed into Peterborough.  That’s 10% of our total tax base and over 50 businesses.  This is not desired by anyone in North Monaghan that I have spoken with but could still happen.  I hope not.  There has to be other options to create employment in the area.  Woking with the city instead of being gobbled up by the city would be beneficial to all concerned.

There is an attempt to make issues that don’t exist; I believe in order to avoid dealing with the real issues.  Banning hunting for instance has never crossed my mind and could not be done anyway.

Our municipality has been high jacked.  Together let’s take back our community.

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