Mayor Candidate Scott McFadden


Scott McFadden

It has been an absolute honour and privilege to serve as the Mayor of Cavan Monaghan for the past 4 years and as the Deputy Mayor for the 4 years prior to that.  I have 8 years of valuable municipal and County Council experience.

Since taking office 8 years ago, Council has been implementing efficiencies across every department.  The cost to run our municipality today is less than it was 8 years ago!  Had the Council of 2010 raised the appropriate property taxes to cover the costs of running the municipality, we would have enjoyed a municipal property tax decrease in 2018.

If RE-ELECTED as Mayor, I will be focusing on providing a range of accommodation opportunities for residents including a new Millbrook Manor, affordable housing, a retirement residence, apartments and assisted living for adults; reducing the water & wastewater rates in Millbrook; continuing to find efficiencies in the organization to keep property taxes down; and securing a long term agreement for sustainable harness racing at Kawartha Downs.  I will advocate for a new Fire Hall with an Ambulance base, continue efforts to attract a Financial Institution and family doctors to the township and foster job creation WITHOUT annexation by advocating for cross border municipal services.  An ATV committee will be created to support responsible operation of ATVs on designated short sections of roads for trail connectivity.

Voting starts Oct. 9th through until Oct. 22nd.  Vote to RE-ELECT Scott McFadden Mayor.

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