Young Millbrook Entrepreneur Continues to Face Forward After a Successful Summer Start


Melodie Seto

Brigh Findlay-Shields sold bridle charms and key chains at Darlin Equine's booth during the Millbrook Ladies' Night. Photo: Melodie Seto.

Brigh Findlay-Shields sold bridle charms and key chains at Darlin Equine’s booth during the Millbrook Ladies’ Night. Photo: Melodie Seto.

16 year old Brigh Findlay-Shields is not your average summer job-seeking high school student. Unlike most teenagers her age, she decided to become an entrepreneur during her summer holiday. As the proud founder of Darling Equine, an onlinebridle charm boutique, she is one of 13 youth participants in this year’s Summer Company program administered by Peterborough Economic Development.This is an Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure youth entrepreneurship program that offers a great opportunity foryoung new entrepreneurs to start their own business with the support of mentorship, training, and funding.

Darling Equine’s business conceptstems from Brigh’s passion for horses and riding.  Her goal was to be able to support this interest without the continualfinancialdependence on her parents.Initially, the selling of charms was to be a means of gaining funds for her riding lessons and ultimately to own and care for a horse, but after getting involved in the Summer Company program, this experience grew to be so much more…

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