The Millbrook South Cavan Newspaper Club is Up and Running Again


As you may have noticed in the last edition of the paper, we have students from Millbrook South Cavan writing again for the Millbrook Times. 

Under the supervision of Kindergarten teacher Wilma Armstrong, students in the newspaper club meet once every five school days to work on their submissions.  Members include students from grades four through eight, and the club operates professionally, recording minutes for each meeting, brain storming for ideas, and getting down to the business of writing, spicing up their articles with visual effects including photos, clip art and occasionally their own drawings.  Working on stories alone or in pairs, these students offer their unique perspectives on important issues in their lives, describing activities in school clubs, special events, sports club and family events.  Last month one of the students moved from reporting to creative writing, allowing us to publish an original short story.   This month, they have branched out into poetry!

We are grateful that these students are choosing to share their thoughts with us.  They seem to find writing fun and I hear that readers enjoy hearing their fresh perspective.  While this is as an exercise in self-expression for the students, it is also one of community building.  These students know they have a voice and people are listening.   I’ve also heard from parents that some of them are reading the paper, and not just their own content, so perhaps they are listening, too.  Sounds like a formula for an active, engaged community.  KG

Newspaper Club News

Millbrook/South Cavan December Spirit Week

By MSC Newspaper Club Member Olivia O.

Canadian winters are famous for heavy snow, chilly temperatures, and joyous holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas. While all of these things are surely what contributes to winter as the nationally favoured season, this time of the year has an even deeper meaning to Millbrook/South Cavan Public School.

December is the month that the “Me to We” Club holds their annual spirit week. In this week, the team of young leaders holds fundraisers to support important causes. Each of the days of the week holds a different competition or fun event that MSC students may participate in for a small fee. Some things to look forward to this spirit week include the annual Christmas dance and the newly-created Christmas bazaar.

This year, all of the proceeds go towards empowering people in India. This will help encourage self-sufficiency by allowing people to do things such as create a business in order to generate an income. Ultimately, the small amount of money that is paid to enjoy a fun school day is well-spent. After all, it not only goes towards a good cause, but it allows students to take part in an entertaining event that happens rarely in the school year.

Remember, a small thing goes a long way. Help support Me to We this year and allow your child to have a bit of fun by letting them take part in MSC’s spirit days!

Exercise BIKES  

 by MSC Newspaper Club Member Sydney M.

Have you ever walked down the hall and noticed something at the front of the school? Well if you have, you probably have seen the bikes. We got them in the summer of last year, let’s talk about them.

The students in Mrs. Morton’s grade 1 class said that they love them, and riding helps them get rid of their extra energy. As well, some older kids also use them to either get energy or to lose some extra energy. I think that they are really cool and exciting to use. So remember, if you have any extra energy, make sure to head on down to the yellow bikes at the front of the school.

The Santa Claus Parade

By newspaper club members Sierra and Maia

We are excited for the Santa Claus Parade. It is a wonderful occasion with fire trucks, bands, girl guides, hockey, and Santa Claus himself! The Santa Claus Parade has been moved due to construction. We know that it will start at the Old School and proceed through downtown like normal. Keep watch on all social media such as Facebook. It will start at 12:00pm on December 9th.  Come and line the streets with your Christmas spirit. It will be a lot of fun and we hope to see you there!

School Poetry

By newspaper club member Allison  C.

Hello community. I think people at our school are great poets and should be recognized. Here are some students’ poetry that I thought might want to read.

Peace- Maia. M                                                                                                             

Is the colour of grass swaying in the wind.

It sounds like a faint whipper calling to you.

It looks like a baby sleeping in its crib.

It tastes like warm chocolate melting in your mouth

It smells like a patch of flowers just blooming.

Peace is a beautiful and breakable.


Cats-Alyson. M

There once was a cat

Who always ate rats

She took a shower

She is a meower.

Christmas-Lily. A

Red and green like to be seen

while Santa clause gets some applause.

Getting to Know New Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Little

By Newspaper club member Jordan M.

Hi,  I’m Jordan from newspaper club and I have decided to take a different approach in writing articles. I have decided to interview the new kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Little.

  1. What is your favorite subject to teach the kids? “My favorite subject to teach the class right now is math.”
  2. How many kids are in your class? “I have 26 little Kinders this year.”
  3. Do you have any pets? “I have a golden retriever named Maisy.”
  4. What grade is your favourite to teach? “I don’t have a favourite grade to teach, but I love grades 2-3 and kindergarten.”
  5. What are some of your likes and dislikes? “I like taking my dog Maisy for walks everyday so I get exercise, I also love running for exercise, my dislikes are sports because I’m not very good at them, but I love to watch my kids, and my class playing sports.”
  6. Do you have any children, and if so what are their names? “I have two kids, a son named Drew he’s 27 and my daughter Sydney is 23 years old.”
  7. Where did you teach before Millbrook? “I taught at Kawartha Heights, in Havelock, Norwood, and North Hope.”
  8. What is your favorite animal? “A golden retriever, my dog.”

We Scare Hunger

by MSC Newspaper Club member Meghan N.

On Monday Nov 6th, nine Me To We members took down all the food collected in the We Scare Hunger food drive, organized by Me To We, down to the Millbrook and District Food Share at the Millbrook library.

In total the amount of food items collected was around 723, which was so much food we ran out of room on the shelves. They kids learned how the food bank worked and was organized. Everything was brought in from canned pineapple to fruit juice, but all of it had a place on the shelf, well except for the stuff we ran out of room for.  The generous men and women running the food bank were very happy for the help.

Something that the kids and teachers learned was that the food bank has a lot more than non- perishables. They actually have a freezer for meats and a fridge for things like milk so everyone gets a full meal.

The Millbrook and District food share encourages people to donate all year round especially around the holidays because that is their busiest time of the year.

Food Drive

By Newspaper club members Sydney and Ava

Hello Millbrook!!! We’re up and running with the food drive!   You may have been asked by a few Me to We members of MSC to support our food drive. We were looking for support with the donations of 1 or 2 two non-perishable food items. Students went knocking door to door before going to trick or treat. The items that were donated got delivered to our Me to We members. We had 723 non-perishables – what a turnout! We would like to thank all the Me to We members and all the people who donated. The food items were sent to the Millbrook Food Share and we filled their shelves. We also asked most of MSC to donate a can and 1 dollar or 2 dollars to enter the Halloween dance. WE SCARE HUNGER SUCCESS! THANKS, EVERYONE!

Christmas in the village

By MSC newspaper club member, Jordan M.

Hey Millbrook, it’s that special time of year again, Christmas in the village! That’s right, our very own celebration is just around the corner! This year it will be held December 7th from 5-9pm. If you have moved in sometime in 2017 or haven’t gone to Christmas in the village, it’s a night where people come together and some of the small shops in town participate in Christmas in the village, by having sales, selling hot chocolate, and even doing crafts with kids. Some of the many attractions at Christmas in the village are: the horse and carriage ride, photos with Santa, hot chocolate and popcorn, and so much more.

When I was younger my parents would always take me to Christmas in the village, and even though Christmas in the village is more fun as a little kid, it’s still plenty of fun, for all ages! Whether you’re a grandparent, parent, teenager, or kid, Christmas in the village never gets old. One new thing that is going to be at Christmas in the village this year, is at 5:45 you can join Santa, the community choir and horses at the Millbrook public school parking lot, in a caroling parade as we walk to a tree lighting ceremony ending at the Millbrook legion. (You could bring flashlights if you want.) So come on out, and make some Christmas memories!

Celebrating New Years

By MSC Newspaper Club Member Blake M. (Grade 4)

New Year’s is coming. It’s where you stay up till 12:00 am. There are lots of festivals on New Year’s Eve. There is one concert in New York City, in New York U.S.A. Last year bands performed.  There is always a big ball. When it hits New Year’s Day it falls down onto the ground. New Year’s is always fun because you get to have a party with family and friends. There is a whole bunch of activities like dress up fireworks and a lot more.  There also a Chinese New Year`s with dragons and it has yellow, red and blue on it. Every family on earth I think celebrates New Year’s.


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