Use it or Lose it – Music and Movement Program in Jeopardy


Photo Karen Graham.
Nancy Robinson gets down with the children as they put actions to songs.

Toddlers and caregivers returned to the Fireside Lounge at Centennial Place on November 20th for the start of the 4th year of Music and Movement.  This intergenerational outreach program is operated by volunteers with the Old Millbrook School Family Centre.

Retired school teacher Nancy Robinson brought her bag of tricks back to the program on Monday, using music, games and her imagination to entertain her energetic and easily distracted audience of toddlers.  The program includes a variety of activities, from quiet stories to treasure hunts and games of imagination where the uninhibited eagerly join in.  In addition to fun, songs and activities often included an educational component, and co-operating with other participants was always a prime objective of the program.  Parents and caregivers are on the rug joining in, motivating their charges to follow their lead.

With only five participants at this opening class, the chaos was more controlled than usual, and because they were comfortable with each other, there was no shyness holding them back.  Most of them remained focussed, displaying their creativity as they offered interpretations of animal behaviour, imagining a space trip on a rocket and collecting paper nuts to stash in their nests. The audience of Centennial residents were delighted with the children’s antics, and probably even more so when some of the children exhibited their independent nature as they were drawn to their own explorations not included in the agenda.

The Fall session of the program runs from 10 am to 11 am on Monday December 4th and 18th.  Spread the word and bring your friends to make sure this interesting program continues into the new year.  KG

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