Shelter Demolition at Maple Leaf Park on Hold

Photo Karen Graham.
Council is hoping to retain the roof over the concrete pad to preserve some protection from the elements at Maple Leaf Park.

At the August meeting, Council was asked to approve the demolition of the shelter on the west side of Maple Leaf Park which has been used solely for storage for many years due to its state of repairs.  The building has not aged well, with visible cracks in the block foundation, the concrete blocks and decorative block exterior with new and expanding gaps appearing. An engineering consultant recommended that the structure be demolished in its entirety to avoid the risk of having people seek shelter from the elements under the roof as an emergency request. The total cost of the demolition was estimated at $40,434 more than half of which relates to the relocation of hydro, the well and the water control system.  The report indicated that half of the identified expenditure could be found in existing surpluses with the remainder coming from the General Reserve.

After some discussion, the decision was taken to investigate the feasibility of demolishing the building while shoring up the open air structure to retain an area with protection from sun and rain to determine if this option would be a viable alternative. KG

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