New Seniors Dance Program Delivered by National Ballet School

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Local seniors kick up their heels.

Sharing Dance with Seniors is a sixty minute dance class for seniors designed with accessibility in mind.  Participants of varying levels of physical ability will find many ways to join these stimulating classes taught by members of the National Ballet School in Toronto and delivered to local communities each week using video streaming.

In collaboration with Baycrest Health Sciences, leaders in healthcare for seniors, the National Ballet School (NSB) has developed a safe and accessible dance program for active seniors to support them in their health and wellness goals.  The program is currently being piloted in the Peterborough area and Millbrook is one of the sites where the program will be delivered.  No dance experience is required- just an interest in moving to music.  Classes provide both standing and seated dance options and ensure there are opportunities for physical and social engagement for all participants.   The local program is delivered in partnership with Trent University’s Centre for Aging & Society, and the NBS is testing three delivery models including livestreaming to community care centres and to individual homes and through in-person delivery.

The objective is to deliver high quality dance programming for seniors, focused on safety and improving physical and psycho-social wellbeing that can scale across different communities and group settings within Sharing Dance’s value system.  Participants of this program will have the opportunity to volunteer for a research study being conducted by Trent and Brandon Universities. Learn more about this opportunity at the classes.

Classes run every Tuesday from 1:30 to 2:30 pm at St. Thomas Anglican Church, 16 Centre St. in Millbrook from March 27th to May 15th.  For more information or to register, call 705-932-2011. KG

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