New Massage Therapist Brings her Service to You!

Photo Karen Graham

It’s a switch from her social work background, but Adrianne Colby is eager to start her new career as a Registered Massage Therapist.  She has just received her provincial certification after completing Trillium College’s twenty two month Massage Therapy program where she learned a variety of soft tissue manipulation techniques to treat stress, pain, and other physical conditions and disorders.

In choosing to offer a mobile service, she is skewing her target client to mature customers who may prefer to receive this relaxing and somewhat intimate treatment in the comfort of their own homes.  Of course she will welcome new clients of any age with any complaints and looks forward to serving the local community.  Adrianne will bring her own table, linens and other equipment to deliver each treatment.  While everyone can benefit from the caring touch of a trained massage therapist, she believes older people who live alone and will find particular pleasure in this form of therapy.

In her previous job with Durham’s Board of Education, Colby helped devise programs for girls to build poise and confidence to equip them to defend themselves against bullying and other sources of emotional stress.  A mother of two young girls, this was an important task in which she felt strongly.  In her new role she will continue to offer ways to feel better, offering relief for joint and muscle pain in the form of soothing treatments offering physical as well as emotional comfort.

New to the business world, Colby has been supported by her finance and her soon-to-be father-in-law, Wayne Blaby, whose knowledge, guidance and expertise have encouraged her to begin her new journey as a licensed professional in the growing field of health care.  Congratulations, Adrianne!  KG

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