New Bakery Joins Millbrook Market 

Photo Karen Graham.

Scott Williams and his partner, Lea Tran, are combining their love of gardening and baking in their bakery business they call Wildflower Bakery.  Operating out of their home in Havelock, their baked goods feature sustainably grown, certified organic and local ingredients, sometimes from their own garden.

They produce hand-crafted bread and European-style pastries such as croissants, as well as sweet and savoury filled pastries, cookies and more.  Their most popular items are the sourdough and seedy loaves and while everything looks inviting, the professional look of their pastries is the clearest evidence of Scott’s diverse experience at bakeries across the country.  These delicacies feature laminated buttery layers topped with custard pastry cream and seasonal fruit or savoury toppings such as mushrooms.   French style fruit and chocolate studded shortbread cookies, pretzels and tarts fill out their product offerings.  For those with food sensitivities, complete ingredient lists are available on their website at

Currently their baked goods are available at the weekly Havelock Farmer’s Market and the monthly Millbrook Farmers’ Market, through their website and on Wednesdays and Thursdays through Peterborough retail sources including Jo Anne’s Place, Kit Coffee and The Food Shop.

Photo Karen Graham.

In the fall, the owners hope to open their own retail outlet in Havelock, but in the meantime, customers will have to take their chances at the market or pre-order their supplies for pick up on Friday afternoons in Havelock.  Welcome to Millbrook! KG


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