Millbrook Fair 2019 & Homecraft Winners

Whether you were taking care of business in a competition or taking a spin on one of the rides in the Midway, visitors to this year’s Millbrook Fair had lots to see and do under sunny skies.

Once again, contestants came to test their skills against noble competitors in a wide variety of home craft categories, including baking, preserving, handcrafts, photography and more.  Below are just a few of our prize winners from this year’s event.

Baking- Special Pies

Rhubarb: 1st Jamie Lee Pearson Immel; 2nd Gayle Martin

Apple: 1st Kathy Clodd; 2nd Sandra Busby

Pecan: 1st Gayle Martin; 2nd Kathy Clodd

Raisin: 1st Cathy Clodd; 2nd Gayle Buck

Special Cakes

Chocolate: 1sst Kathy Clodd; 2nd Gayle Martin

Banana: 1st Sandra Busby; 2nd Gayle Buck; 3rd Kathy Clodd

Carrot: 1st Gayle Martin; 2nd Kathy Clodd; 3rd Jamie Lee Pearson Immel

Coffee:  1st Kathy Clodd; 2nd Judy Churcher; 3rd Gayle Martin

Youth Talents

Paint a Rock- 1st Lou F., 2nd Miley F.

Fan with popsicles: 1st Millor A.

Egg Carton Caterpillar: 1st Levan; 2nd Jolene; 3rd Jase

Hand Traced picture: 1st Millor A.; 2nd Danni A.

Craft of Choice: 1st Budd H.; 2nd Millor A.

Duct Tape Wallet: 1st Erik g.; 2nd Elizabeth G.;  3rd Noemie L.

Vase Recycled: 1st Evelyn H.; 2nd Erik G.; 3rd Elizabeth G.

Treasure Map: 1st Erik and Elizabeth G.; 2nd Alex L.; 3rd Noemie L.

Pinterest Craft: 1st Elizabeth G.; 2nd Erik G.

Grandparent/Child: 1st Erik G.; 2nd Elizabeth G.; 3rd Martin H.

Lego Barn: 1st Erik G.; 2nd Evelyn H.; 3rd Max L.

Favourite School Project: 1st Duke H.; 2nd Evelyn H.; 3rd Erik G.

The Homecraft Committee would like to thank all of their volunteers, exhibitors, sponsors and bidders at the auction of our prize-winning baked goods.  Your participation is greatly appreciated and makes our event an outstanding success.  We look forward to seeing your entries again next year!

By Kathleen Clodd




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