Millbrook Equine Offers a Variety of Services for the Horse Lover

Photo Karen Graham.
Millbrook Equine owner, Christine Millet, with Lilah, in one of the outdoor paddocks at the farm on Fallis Line. Together with her husband, Bob, the couple is slowly building their horse business, which offers lessons, trail rides, boarding, and breeding services. She is also an award-winning competitor in dressage, but understands that most of her customers are there to have fun and they appreciate her relaxed approach.

It’s has been five years since Christine Millet and her family moved to their farm on Fallis Line, and they’ve made big changes to the property since their arrival, all with their own hands.

The property is home to Millbrook Equine Services, where Christine boards, trains, breeds and provides riding lessons and trail rides on this 100 acre farm featuring rolling hills, a maple bush and an extensive network of groomed trails.

Christine comes from a long line of horse experts.  Originally from Fenelon Falls, Christine has always had horses in her life, as a competitor and a certified competition coach.  She has a strong back ground in dressage and eventing, earned the title of 2019 Canadian Regional Dressage Champion.

By day she works as an Early Childhood Educator, and will join her eight year old daughter at Millbrook South Cavan school home this fall.  This background helps her teach youngsters how to handle horses.  They must control themselves as well as their mounts, so speaking in a language they understand helps students as young as eight years of age acquire the skills they need to ride safely while having fun.

There are currently 20 horses at the farm- ten of whom belong to the family.  Although she is a horse-lover, Christine is quite clear that these animals are not pets: they must earn their keep, through stud services, lessons and trail rides, and others are for sale.  Currently they have a Friesian stallion available for breeding purposes.

COVID has been good to this venture.  With other sports and entertainment options restricted, this healthy outdoor activity has drawn new customers, but they are building the facility for growth.

The farm features several large turnout paddocks where animals are segregated based on their food requirements and personalities. There is also a large dressage ring where customers can bring their own animals for lessons.  Christine also travels to customers’ homes to teach.

There are also ten horses currently being boarded at the farm, which provides shelters if required, as well as high quality feeding programs.

The objective is to have the capacity to house 40 horses, and the young owners are working quietly towards that goal.  In 2018, they had materials delivered for a large indoor arena, roughly 40m by 60m.  Construction began in earnest last summer, but because they are building it themselves, it is taking time.  With holidays on the horizon, Christine hopes the roof will be complete by the end of the month.  Some holiday…

Her husband Bob is on board, and Christine appreciates his support as well as his mechanical inclination which is invaluable year round, but particularly at haying season.

To learn more about the services, visit their Facebook page at Millbrook Equine Services.  KG

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