Managing Local COVID-19 Cases

After learning of several positive tests amongst residents in Cavan Monaghan, Council members passed a motion at the April 6th Council meeting seeking reassurance from Peterborough Public Health that effective steps were being implemented to ensure local residents with positive COVID-19 test results adhere to the mandatory self-isolation period.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Rosana Salvaterra outlined the procedures followed by the Health Unit to monitor the health and adherence to protocol of all positive cases in the area.  Following provincial guidance for the management of cases of COVID-19, every positive case is called on a daily basis by a Public Health Nurse in order to monitor the clinical course of the illness as well as compliance with isolation.  For community members who do not require hospitalization, monitoring continues for fourteen days beyond the date of onset of symptoms, at which point the case is discharged from isolation. Patients who have been hospitalized, as well as health care workers who test positive, also require testing to make sure they have cleared the virus before they are discharged from isolation.

If someone fails to comply with self-isolation, the Medical Officer of Health has the authority under the Health Protection and Promotion Act to issue a legally binding order to isolate, and if the order is not followed, the Medical Officer can seek a court order directing the police to take the person into custody for detention in a hospital or other appropriate facility for the duration of the isolation period.

In Monday’s status report, the health unit reported a total of 83 cases within their jurisdiction which includes the City and County of Peterborough, Hiawatha, and Curve Lake.  Among these patients, one patient has died and 40 others are considered resolved as symptoms have disappeared or individuals have received two negative test results.  To date, the Health Unit has found that infected residents have been very cooperative with staff and attitudes continue to be very positive. KG

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