Congratulations to Millbrook Lions’ Club 2019

Photo supplied. Lions’ Club 2019

Congratulations to the Millbrook and District Lions’ Club as they celebrate a 70-year tradition of community service. The club was established in 1948 by 42 local residents from all walks of life bearing familiar names including Fallis, Lowery, Medd, Challice, and Brackenridge, who joined ranks to assist their community and the world at large. You see their yellow shirts at almost every community event including many of their own, such as their monthly breakfasts, their popular fishing derby, and their annual dog walk.

Funds raised from their food truck sales have been directed to the local Medical Centre, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, local recreational initiatives, and individuals in need.

Proceeds from their annual dog walk go directly to the Lions’ Foundation of Canada Dog Guides and in this, their 10th year of participation, the club raised $4,224 for this cause. Support for the visually impaired is a key objective of the group, whose first initiative was to raise funds to purchase glasses for a young girl in the village.

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