Letter to the Editor

2016 – Oh what a year!!!

As Chair of the Millbrook BIA, I have come to appreciate the many people, committees and organizations that function within our village and township.

At the BIA & Community Dinner and Dance held in November, I came realize that besides having a diverse number of businesses; Millbrook is also a Valley of Volunteers. There is the Millbrook BIA, Marketing Committee, Downtown Revitalization Committee, Decorating Committee, Millbrook Valley Trails, Millbrook Historical Society, the Heritage Committee, Millbrook Policing, Millbrook and District Food Share, Save the Dam Mill, Ladies’ Night and Christmas in the Village committees and the list goes on. In many cases, volunteers are contributing to more than one committee. What would Millbrook be without all of these wonderful volunteers giving their time, knowledge and many talents to make Millbrook such a great village to live, visit, shop and enjoy?

So to all of you wonderful volunteers, thank you for everything you do for Millbrook!!!!

2017 will prove to be a fantastic year of celebrations for Canada’s 150th birthday. I am proud to have spent the majority of my 54 years right here in Millbrook, this beautiful little village in the valley.

All the best for 2017.

Nancy Fallis, Sole Proprietor/ Oasis Boutique,

26 King Street East, Millbrook

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