Letter to the Editor – November


Millbrook Community Garden

It is with regret that I have to write this letter, but it has to be addressed.

Our great volunteers have worked diligently for years to provide fresh produce for our Food Share, rolling up sod by hand, tilling the garden, building fences and sowing seeds into a beautiful garden that provides weekly produce for our clients.

Recently in the last few weeks, the Millbrook Community Garden has been raided, stealing all of our produce.  To these perpetrators, I would like to say, “it won’t go unnoticed.”  We have been vandalized before a few years ago by persons looking for money by selling our produce and causing unnecessary damage.

Once our security cameras are examined, we will proceed accordingly to rectify this situation.  There’s no need for this as our Food Share is open three times a month to provide food to anyone in need.  So there is no need to steal our clients’ produce.  Big change is coming.  We won’t tolerate this.

We are all volunteers and strive to please.  Thank you for your help.


Marie Swan, Millbrook & District Food Share

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