Letter to the Editor – Millbrook Zucchini Festival

Dear Editor,

The Millbrook Zucchini Festival Test Bake Ovens Organizing Committee would like to thank everyone who came out on that now seemingly long past beautiful Sunday in September to help us celebrate 150 years of zucchini mayhem. Over seventy zucchini boats were raced down the creek, we were serenaded by the wonderful music of Cellar Door, and piper Tim Armour, who travelled all the way from Creemore to be at our festival, piped our zucchinis up to the pond to be launched at the ceremonial 150th Anniversary Zucchini Moose.

A special shout out to Joseph Keast who was a big time winner this year, taking home gold for the Zucchini Boat Races, the Cooking Contest (junior) with a killer chocolate cake and found all 15 items in the Canada 150 Wild Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt! Go Joseph! And Anca Pascau claimed the prize for growing the biggest zucchini (which we know, being Anca, was certainly all organic) weighing in at a whopping 12.5 lbs.!

We want to thank all the table and chair shleppers, creek trimmers, stage makers, zucchini bobbers, poetry makers, greeters and video shooters, carving table divas and race runners, face painters, food and carving judgers, flotsam catchers, cleaner uppers and decorators. The festival could not happen without the mountain of volunteers who contribute their time and skills to this event. And most of all, again, thanks to the music makers and zucchini piper that gave us the soundtrack for the day.

We also want to thank the township staff for their indispensable help in bringing down from the arena all the tables, chairs and garbage cans (that become de facto compost bins for the afternoon), Steve Paul of The Lions’ Den for making sure our event went up on their sign, and this paper, The Millbrook Times, who is always so supportive in promoting our event.

A full list of this year’s winners can be seen on our web site at www.millbrookzucchinifest.blogspot.ca as well as photos from the day.

See you next year!

Millbrook Zucchini Festival Test Bake Ovens Organizing Committee

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