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It was a delight to see the number of people who came out to see the final architectural design of the new Cavan Monaghan Community Centre.  The new Community Centre will be designed as a Leeds Standard.   We are exploring opportunities for the technical systems within the building to be designed and positioned in a way that enhances their functions.

The Millbrook Dam Tender closes on October 4th and is scheduled to begin construction in November.  The dredging of the dam is a provisional item in the Tender which will go before council with a few options to consider.

King Street is still undergoing construction and will continue to be worked on into the new year.

Over the next three weeks Hot Mix Asphalt is being done for:

Kennedy Drive – Mount Pleasant Rd to south to end

Rose Crescent – Kennedy to East end

Morningside Place – Cul-de-sac

Scout Crescent – Cul-de-sac

White Birch Road – Cul-de-sac at each end

Whittington Road – In front of Rosemount – 120m east

Hay-Anne-Cavan Streets

Cathcart Crescent – 200m at each end

Ida will be seeing a new rural residential subdivision developed with 15 homes.  The new subdivision may link to Cora Drive in the future.  There will be an opportunity for the public to provide comment at the Regular Council meeting scheduled on October 2nd.

The Cavan Monaghan Fire Department is having an open house on Sunday October 1st at the Township Office from 11:30 -2:30 to celebrate Fire Prevention Week and to showcase the new pumper truck.  All are invited for lunch and activities.

It has historically been impossible to deliver public transit to rural areas in a cost effective manner.  That could be changing with low carbon smart mobility technology.  Dr. Josipa Petrunic from the Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) is looking for municipalities to host demonstration projects that will allow the industry to research, test, and develop their technology.  Smart mobility is code for the autonomous vehicle.  Many vehicles today are sold with a certain level of autonomous technology.  Both navigation and back-up assist are two forms of that technology.  CUTRIC currently is comprised of 80+ companies and 25 Universities with investment of $533 million to advance the industry.  CUTRIC’s vision is to position Canada as a global leader.  You may ask, how does Cavan Monaghan fit into this?  CUTRIC has done a series of technical planning sessions with larger cities and are now looking at smaller communities like ours to meet niche needs.  We need to have options for people who don’t drive other than expensive taxis or be reliant on volunteer services which are stretched to the max.  Dr. Petrunic will be meeting with Township staff to explore a demonstration project here. Dr. Petrunic will be making a delegation to the County of Peterborough in the future.  In addition, our Township is discussing the opportunity in developing a new “Uber type” app with Fleming College students to assist seniors living in rural areas.

Cheers to the future.

By Jordan Landry

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