Janet Stobie Launches New Novel


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Janet Stobie with her latest release – To Begin Again – a sequel to an earlier novel.

Last December Janet was celebrating the publication of another children’s book. 

She appreciates variety, so this time her book is for a more mature audience.  After three years in the works, Janet Stobie is set to launch her newest novel entitled To Begin Again, the evening of June 13th at the Lindsay library.   While the book is a sequel to her popular mystery novel Fireweed , it can be appreciated on its own.  Picking up the story a few years after a tragic death, this new book describes the life the deceased’s family members have developed but rather than focus on their grief, it concentrates on current issues building a theme of acceptance.  This novel challenges the reader’s faith and how it is reflected in their responses to events and people in their lives.

The story weaves a parallel between the experiences of a Barnardo child loosely based on the life of Stobie’s grandmother and those of current refugee families arriving in Canada from war-torn countries like Syria.  Having never met her grandmother, Stobie relied on extensive research but for the modern refugee side of the story she had more direct experience.  She and her husband have been involved on committees supporting two refugee families both here and in Vancouver and have seen firsthand some of their struggles as they adapt to their new environment.

While she loves the creative process of writing, feeling the connection between her words and her faith, the parts that follow the completion of the manuscript are less fun. There are several rounds of editing.   Her husband takes the first stab and then the story is treated to a professional’s careful touch.   Even more stressful is the commitment to order a thousand copies from the printer, but after all, Stobie is in the faith business so she has to walk the talk.

On June 13th, visit the Lindsay library located at 190 Kent Street at 7pm where Stobie plans to read excerpts from this novel and answer questions.  She hopes readers enjoy it and find it rich fodder for thoughtful conversation.  To that end, there are discussion questions at the end of the book that can stimulate conversations about life, values and beliefs.

All of Janet Stobie’s books are available on Amazon or through her website at www.janetstobie.com.  KG

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