Get Game-Ready at The SHACK- Pro Shop

Photo Karen Graham.
Pictured is Tyler Philp in his shop on Distillery St. where he provides custom skate sharpening services and sells a variety of supplies and used equipment for local hockey players.

Tyler Philp can help your game.

An experienced hockey player, coach and equipment expert, he is passionate about hockey and works to build respect for the game.  He also operates The SHACK Pro Shop, located on Distillery St. behind the old Millbrook Arena, where customers can have their skates sharpened, equipment repaired or select some new gear from his inventory of gently-used hockey equipment.  A keen development coach and player, Philp also provides training and player development services for hockey teams and individual players.

Philp believes that as a player builds skills, their proficiency improves along with their safety and enjoyment of the game.  His many years of playing and coaching minor hockey teams in Millbrook and Clarington has taught him that skills requiring effort to develop are more appreciated than those that come easily.  Enjoyment and skill move together, and he loves to contribute to this trend.

Inside the unassuming entrance to his shop, customers will find a prestigious piece of equipment:  a Cag One skate profiler.  This sophisticated automated skate sharpening system allows skates to be sharpened according to the specifications of each skater.  Selecting the proper blade profile can help improve balance, turns and acceleration and reduce fatigue.

All skates have a flat portion somewhere near the centre of the blade. A poster in Philp’s shop outlines the three basic profiles for hockey skates, which primarily relate to the position of the player.  Goalie blades have a larger flat surface because this position does not require the speed of a forward or defense player, whereas skates for other positions have more curved space on the blade.  Preferred profiles also relate to a player’s skating style.  Those who spend more time on their toes to boost their speed can choose to have a blade that helps them lean forward.

In addition to the consumable hockey supplies such as tape and laces, Philp has a trailer on site with a variety of gently used hockey equipment.  Much of that inventory is sourced through a partner who purchases used equipment from OHL and NHL teams where equipment is turned over frequently.  Players can gear up with gloves and other items that sometimes have been used only once or twice.

To help players prepare for the season, the shop will be open four days a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 8pm and weekends from 11am to 3pm beginning September 5th.  Drop in to get your skates ready for the launch of a new season and talk shop with another hockey enthusiast.  For more information, visit the Facebook page, call 905-243-8188 or email  KG

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