COMMENT – February 2020

Our township is becoming a hub for recreation.

With a running club, a new rink, a walking track, a soccer and lacrosse field house, hiking trails, parks, soccer and baseball fields and golf courses, in Cavan Monaghan there’s no excuse to be sedentary at any time of the year.  Dance and Yoga studios, Martial Arts and Figure Skating clubs abound, as well as a variety of exercise programs for young and old.

Our reputation in recreation is growing, bringing visitors to the community who enjoy our recreational resources both natural and man-made who contribute to our local economy along the way.  The Toronto-Algonquin Trail has sought us out to join thirty other communities in their hike/bike/paddle routes, bringing more environmentally-friendly tourist traffic to the area.

But don’t let visitors have all the fun.  We know that physical activity is good for us all, and particularly for youngsters.  Be a role model: get moving and have some fun with your friends and family.  It’s not too late to get off the couch.  KG

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