Comment – April 2019


Crocuses in snow

“To the thief who took my anti-depressants – I hope you’re happy.”

Just kidding — who can’t help but smile as new evidence arrives each day that this brutal winter is finally going to end?

It’s important to appreciate the things that are disappearing–the old arena, for example, but change ushers in new opportunities which, as a person who has sometimes had difficulty with change, I find sometimes hard to embrace.  But change is usually good for our minds, bodies and souls–like switching up an exercise routine, a little effort can make a big impact.  There are big changes on the horizon in this community–let’s get ahead of them and influence them in a positive direction.  There are new friends to meet and new things to try, and in doing so, we might even feel a bit younger and more energized.  Welcome, spring!  KG

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