Letter to the Editor: Elegy to a Landmark

The Millpond in its previous glory.
Photo supplied by the Millbrook and Cavan Historical Society.
Post Card “Victor” . Photographer Unk. H Ouellete stamp on back. Notation – Millbrook, Baxter Creek, Pond looking south to south east from west end of dam.

An sparkling expanse of rippling blue water; home to trout, fisher and turtle; site for the Lions’ community fishing derby; dinner table for soaring birds of prey.  Visited by trumpeter swans, nursery for Canada geese, where once logs were fed to the sawmill.

Where once villagers skated beneath the willows’ limbs, and the reason that such significant upgrades to the Millbrook dam just happened, at great cost.

It seems that the busyness of day to day life has eclipsed the larger picture so that now, barely noticing, we will lose a primary asset, potential attraction and historic feature, the Millbrook millpond.  Dredging has quite literally bogged down.  It’s a tough slog.  Not an easy – or cheap – fix.

Is there the will in this community to fight for it?  Only that will save it now.  Are you there to argue for its remediation and continued existence?  Or is this simply the end of an era, the end of a valuable resource?

If no one cares, then so be it.  But if you do care, speak up.

by Celia Hunter  

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