Terry Fox Millbrook Mystery

Terry Fox has to be on the very short list of Greatest Canadians.  His achievements during his short lifetime and incredible legacy still inspire today around the world.  Terry’s Marathon of Hope began with seemingly impossible goals.  Barely twenty years old, with a leg recently amputated from cancer, he would… Continue reading

Soccer Equipment Collection

Pictured is Dr. Jim Leeson, a chiropractor practicing at the Peterborough Power Zone Center with a small sample of shoes he and massage Therapist Sara Sutherland have collected. The shoes will be distributed to the children in Belize in February by the volunteers at the annual visit to that country…. Continue reading

Telecare Distress Centre of Peterborough Seeking Volunteers

Telecare Peterborough is looking for empathetic individuals ready to join the fight against loneliness and isolation. Training for New Volunteers begins September 25th 2019, at 7:00 pm, Trinity United Church, 360 Reid St., Peterborough. Training is 50 hours and costs $50. (Subsidies are available.) Listening skills and awareness of social,… Continue reading