What We Need

Photo Karen Graham.
These firefighters-in-training were eager to climb aboard one of the Cavan-Monaghan Fire trucks on display last weekend. This Saturday, come to the downtown for the Fall Festival.

 We are beginning to emerge from our cocoons, testing the water at outdoor events that previously were the hallmark of our community.   From Bush Pulls to Touch a Truck and downtown events, there are plenty of opportunities to mingle with neighbours and celebrate our community.  Perhaps meeting in person will remind us of what we have in common whereas the isolation of the last 18 months has often had us stewing about our differences.

It’s time to take the high road and find ways to work together to find solutions that are acceptable to all.  As Mick Jagger sagely advised, while we can’t always get what we want, with a little work we might find we get what we need.  Happy Thanksgiving.  KG


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