Suzanne’s Hot Stuff Delivers Heat and Flavour

Suzanne Schmidt is confident, straight-forward, and also a great cook.  Her flavours are rooted in  her Guyanese background and all include heat, but her products deliver more than that burning sensation.  Her products are carefully crafted to showcase flavour, featuring sweet mango, lemon and pineapple, savoury garlic and onions and… Continue reading

Another Subdivision Application for Millbrook’s Fallis Line

Early last month, Peterborough County posted another Completed Application of Subdivision plan for Millbrook. The new site is located to the south east of the intersection of Fallis Line and County Rd. 10, with a 300 m frontage along the County Road and a 580 m frontage along a future… Continue reading

New Five-Year Police Contract Finalized

  In January, Council approached the OPP to provide a proposal to provide police services to Cavan-Monaghan in order to secure a second bid for the expense that represents more than $1.3 million of annual operating expenses in the township budget.  To allow adequate time for a complete response, a… Continue reading

Peterborough County’s Transportation Master Plan Considers ORV Options

Gene Chartier of Paradigm Consulting made a presentation to Council as a spokesperson for Peterborough County explaining considerations of how the updated Transportation Master Plan would address Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) traffic on County Roads.  Cavan-Monaghan Council has decided to wait until this decision has been made before establishing the regulations… Continue reading

Council Considers Regulations for Cannabis Cultivation in Cavan-Monaghan

Last month Meridian provided further details regarding regulatory options to the township for the commercial cultivation of Cannabis. Cannabis is grown in one of three ways: as an outdoor crop possibly protected by hoop houses; in greenhouses and in warehouse-type buildings in industrial areas. Indoor cannabis production and processing facilities… Continue reading

What We Need

 We are beginning to emerge from our cocoons, testing the water at outdoor events that previously were the hallmark of our community.   From Bush Pulls to Touch a Truck and downtown events, there are plenty of opportunities to mingle with neighbours and celebrate our community.  Perhaps meeting in person will… Continue reading