Vertical Systems Offers Full Service to Specialized Equipment Market

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Pictured is Office Manager Cindy Heber, Steffan and Dan Shaw and Luke Melo of Vertical Systems in Cavan.

Dan Shaw began his career right out of high school in 1979 in the Oshawa area, working on equipment that lifts things and people higher: hoists and scissor lifts.

In 2007 he decided to branch out on his own and created Vertical Systems, which is currently located at 805 Highway 7A in Cavan.

His firm is a licensed dealer for Challenger Lifts out of Kentucky, which is a manufacturer of a wide variety of automotive lifts.  Vertical Systems purchases equipment directly from the manufacturer, arranges its delivery to the site, installs it and provides training to the customer’s staff to ensure they know how to operate it safely and effectively.  The firm also offers ongoing operator training seminars for equipment from its key suppliers, providing thorough training to small groups of employees to ensure participants feel confident with their equipment.

The market for this kind of equipment is broader than you might expect.  In addition to car and equipment dealers and service providers, school boards have become important clients for Vertical Systems. Shaw indicates that there has been large investments in modernizing automotive shops in high schools over the past few years, and he counts among his clients York, Peel, Hamilton, Toronto and Durham school boards and hopes a current tender adds Kawartha Pine Ridge to this list.  The Toronto board alone has 90 automotive shops operating in their schools.  School boards are eager to incorporate modern technology into their training programs.

The firm is also a master dealer for aerial work platforms that lift staff to projects in the air.  Suitable for use both indoors and out, these personal lifts are used in construction sites, high rises, schools, churches and warehouses.

For Vertical Systems, the sale and installation of new equipment is just the beginning of the relationship.  These hoists require annual inspections.  Both Shaw and his son Steffan are certified inspectors by the Automotive Lift Institute, allowing them to provide customers with written inspection certificates and early warning of potential issues and ensuring the safety and peace of mind of their customers.  The annual contact also ensures Vertical Systems is front of mind for any new equipment or service requirement related to this sophisticated equipment.

Vertical Systems also sells and installs used lifts and auto hoists, sometimes from sourced from customers installing new ones.  Shaw has found a local market for used equipment in automotive shops, farm operators and home garages. Customers purchasing used equipment feel confident purchasing through this knowledgeable and reputable supplier.

While some of their clients are very large organizations, Vertical Systems remains a small, family operation supported by Dan, Steffan and technician Luke working with customers and Dan’s sister Cindy providing administrative support in the office.  With eight years of experience with the firm under his belt, Steffan is preparing to take the reins from his father who is beginning to step back a bit.  Having been part of the firm’s growth and success, he is in ideally suited to continuing his father’s legacy of providing value, service and professionalism to their customers.  KG

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