The Will of the Mill


Corner Office

Kathie Lycett
I believe that buildings can have a soul. You’ve heard it before: “If only this house could talk!” Well, some houses do talk. They tell stories of people, to new people who want to hear. Barns, schoolhouses and churches talk more than houses do because they are infused with the love of the communities that built and took care of them. Here, there and online at, you will find people telling stories of their experiences at Needler’s Mill.
The Mill itself is speaking louder than people can. Still standing proud and true, the Mill is screaming its testament to its present community:

(From the Mill)
I am the Mill of Millbrook. I am the Needler of Needler’s Lane. I am Canadian. I am a survivor. I am the monument to your past economy, and I will be a symbol of success to your shining economic future. Your success shall be borne of the community spirit that exists here today. Embrace change, but remember history. Like many of you, I was not born here. I have stories to tell you and your children about where I came from, why I came, what I did, who I helped (and who helped me), and how – with your help now – I will live on to help tell the tales of our history while safely and proudly showing off a glorious greenspace where your grandchildren and great grandchildren will want to visit…


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