The Spirit of the Voyageurs Lives on at Fleming College


Photo supplied.
Ginet Leblond painting donated to Fleming College.

Last week, Galerie Q donated a significant oil painting to Fleming College by by renowned Québécois Master artist, Ginet Leblond, widely known for her historical depictions of the 18th to 20th centuries.  Entitled “Rabaska over Québec,” the work reflects a scene based on a French-Canadian Folktale, “The Flying Canoe.” (La Chasse-Galerie).

The powerful image was selected to reflect Peterborough’s deep, rich and long-lasting relationship with the canoe.  The painting illustrates the spirit of the voyageurs who first visited this part of the world by canoe.

Galerie Q is pleased to have formed an ongoing partnership with Fleming College which aligns with the mandate of the gallery and the Kiani Foundation to promote and preserve arts and culture through education and community-building endeavors. KG

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