Water Monitoring System Report

In February, the Peterborough Utility Group presented its annual report on the Water and Wastewater systems for Millbrook.  Water reports like these are taken very seriously by all municipalities.  After the mismanagement of the Walkerton water system, the province introduced strict statutory standards of care for local water treatment plants… Continue reading

Crestwood Secondary School Visual Arts Students Host Art Show

Last month, six students at Crestwood Secondary School hosted an art show in their school foyer featuring installations they developed as part of the final assignment in their Grade 12 Visual Art course.  Student exhibits took advantage of a wide range of media to portray their message, from videos, cardboard… Continue reading

Chemong Chimney Delivers Warmth and Style to Your Home

Looking to keep warm? Chemong Chimney has a complete range of fireplace products using fuel of all types from wood, natural gas, propane to wood pellets. In operation since 1993, the family-owned business delivers their customers’ fireplace or stove projects from start to finish, including framing, installation and masonry, and… Continue reading

Climate Change: Public Health’s Biggest Challenge

Now that we have collectively recharged our batteries over the holidays, it is time to refocus our efforts to address the number one health challenge that threatens the well being of our planet and all future generations: Climate Change. As 2019 dawns, we find ourselves living in a time of… Continue reading

Public Input Sought to Address Waste Management Challenges

According to County records, Cavan Monaghan has the dubious record of being the largest garbage generator per capita in the County, creating more than 237 kg per capita in the first nine months, compared to an average rate of 138 kg per capita across the County. Despite some recent initiatives,… Continue reading

Peterborough Police Calling for Used cell phones for Victim Services

The Peterborough Police Service Victim Services Unit is asking for donations of used or old cell phones with chargers. The cell phones are wiped of all personal information and are given free of charge to victims of domestic violence or vulnerable persons in our community as 9-1-1 emergency phones. We… Continue reading

Peterborough Police Service Launches Auxiliary Constable Recruitment Campaign

“The members of our Auxiliary Unit are an integral part of our Service. The enhancement these dedicated volunteers bring to our service is phenomenal. They are value added to our organization,” says Inspector Neil Collins, Operations, Peterborough Police Service. The Auxiliary Unit, currently comprised of 18 constables, two Staff Sergeants… Continue reading