Lost Rescue Dog from Millbrook Has Been Seen Across the Country

Photo supplied.

A Millbrook family is still looking for a rescue dog that ran off as it was being brought to their home for the first time three weeks ago.

While there have been sightings, reports have come in that the dog is moving fast and over a large distance. The dog is not familiar with the area, Anca Pascalau and Robert Ruggiero told The Examiner.

The dog, a blond, fluffy 40-pound Chow Chow mix, is terrified of people and should not be approached or she will flee.

“Please watch in the areas of Cavan, Mount Pleasant, Ida, Keene, Peterborough, Bailieboro, Bewdley, Fraserville, Bethany, Pontypool, Douro-Dummer, Omemee, Norwood,” states an email to The Examiner about the dog.

“It is important to note that she is in survival mode, terrified of humans, people calling/chasing/walking toward her just prompt her to bolt and run further away.”

Don’t call out, chase or walk toward her, and don’t stop your car, the email states.

“Please only report sighting locations, call or text 416-821-8725 or 705-872-6896, phones are monitored 24-7.”

By Gordon Kennedy, Peterborough Examiner

Reprinted with permission


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