Skiing and Snowboarding Club


Our school has provided the students, parents and teacher volunteers an opportunity to go and ski/snowboard at Brimacombe Ski Lodge in the New Year. The kids will have a blast going down the hills and up the chair-lifts. It isn’t a problem if students don’t have skis, Brimacombe provides a rental program.

For students who don’t know how to ski, there is an hour long lesson each week to teach them everything they need to know. After these eight weeks they will be able to fly down the black diamond routes over and over again! Students have until Monday, December 19th to enter their application. Those who still want to join after the due date may contact Mrs. Tracy Parker and she will set them up. First day on the slopes is Tuesday January 10th 2017. Happy skiing, Millbrook!

By Ella, Carrie and Cassidy, Newspaper Club Members

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