Police Launch Residential Speeding Campaign Called “Safe Under 7”

The Peterborough Police Service is launching a summer traffic campaign targeting speeding in residential neighbourhoods.  The campaign is in direct response to community concerns and complaints and will run during the summer months.

“The number one complaint we hear on a daily basis is about speeding in residential areas,” says Traffic Sergeant Peter Sejrup.

“We have heard those complaints and are embarking on an aggressive traffic enforcement campaign that will slow down drivers and save lives.”

The campaign, called Safe Under 7, will take a zero tolerance approach to motorists driving in excess of 7 km/h over the posted speed limit in residential neighbourhoods.

“This number is not arbitrary. Driving just 7 km/h above the posted speed limit in residential neighbourhoods can have catastrophic results,” says Sgt. Sejrup.

“We know that many residents are frustrated at even the regular speed limit in their neighbourhood let alone speeds that exceed it. This campaign has the capacity to make a significant difference in reducing personal injuries, property damage and fatal collisions.”

The campaign will be promoted through the Peterborough Police Service’s social media channels @PtboPolice https://www.facebook.com/PtboPolice/on its digital displays both inside and outside the station and on its website www.peterboroughpolice.com KG

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