Respecting Farm Vehicles on the Road

It’s that time of year again when there is a proliferation of large farm vehicles making their way to and from fields for the harvest.  It’s a critical time for farmers as they work with and/or often against conditions thrown at them by Mother Nature to complete the final critical… Continue reading

Peterborough Police Service Launches Auxiliary Constable Recruitment Campaign

“The members of our Auxiliary Unit are an integral part of our Service. The enhancement these dedicated volunteers bring to our service is phenomenal. They are value added to our organization,” says Inspector Neil Collins, Operations, Peterborough Police Service. The Auxiliary Unit, currently comprised of 18 constables, two Staff Sergeants… Continue reading

Healthy Kids Community Challenge: Power Off and Play!

‘Screen time’ is the time spent using a screen-based device, such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, or television. Not all screen time is unhealthy. Screens can offer an important way to learn and communicate at school and at work. Most often, kids use screens for recreational purposes such as watching… Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Brings a Long Goodbye

In April, 60 Minutes aired a segment produced by Dr. Jonathan LaPook, the chief medical correspondent for US broadcaster CBS.  Dr. LaPook followed Carol Daly’s progression dealing with Alzheimer’s.  For ten years, Carol and her husband Mike were filmed during annual checkups in what has been called the longest video… Continue reading

2017 Police Community Reports

In their annual report to Council, Inspector Dan Smith of the Peterborough Police Services outlined the highlights of the activities and calls for service experienced by the local police for in Cavan Monaghan.  The township is currently served by four officers who are permanently assigned to the area, who along… Continue reading

Police Launch Residential Speeding Campaign Called “Safe Under 7”

The Peterborough Police Service is launching a summer traffic campaign targeting speeding in residential neighbourhoods.  The campaign is in direct response to community concerns and complaints and will run during the summer months. “The number one complaint we hear on a daily basis is about speeding in residential areas,” says… Continue reading