New Owners Take the Reins at Millbrook Valley Chocolates

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Pictured are members of the Mitchel family who are the new owners of Millbrook Valley Chocolates from left to right are Corinne, Pam, Brent, Lauren, Emma with Daphne in front. They are bringing 2o years of custom cake baking experience to the new venture and extending the sweet offerings at the shop to include custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more.

The Mitchel family hopes to build on the success of former Millbrook Valley Chocolates shop owners Steve and Jackie, but let’s face it: that’s a hard act to follow.

Since the shop opened in December 2016, it has been a destination for chocolate lovers from the community and beyond, acquiring accolades and Readers’ Choice Awards with their visually stunning and decadent treats, from hand-made chocolates, hot chocolate drinks, candies and custom cakes to workshops for kids and adults where they shared some of their sweet secrets.  Before she retired from the business, Jackie passed on some of her recipes and techniques to the Mitchel family to help a smooth transition for the new owners and their customers.

New owners Pam and Brent Mitchel bring their own spin on sweet treats and will extending the shop’s menu based on their 20+ years of experience in the custom cake business. They are the proud owners of Mitchel’s Cake and Dessert Company based in Ajax, where they have honed their baking and decorating skills, becoming one of the region’s top cake professionals.  Their products include elegant wedding and whimsical birthday cakes and cupcakes reflecting the tastes and styles of their customers.  Customer favourites include Death by Chocolate, Peanut Butter Overload and Cookie Dough.

Daughters Emma and Lauren are helping in the shop- behind the scenes in the kitchen baking up current and future favourites as they experiment with new creations as well as serving customers in the front.  Operating a retail venture is a new experience for the family, but they are embracing the change and look forward to fine-tuning their offerings to satisfy and expand the local palate. Their baked cakes feature buttercream, which is that whipped, fluffy frosting associated with birthday cakes as opposed to fondant, which is a sugar-water paste found on most wedding cakes.  Custom decorated cakes as well as ice cream cakes must be ordered a week in advance.

Shop favourites including peanut butter cups, a wide range of toffee and brittle treats will continue to be on offer along with decadent cookies featuring centres of caramel or Nutella, as well as sweet and salty combinations with pretzels, chocolate and salted caramel flavours.  Ice cream will be served year-round.  Customers looking for a spontaneous splurge will find a variety of cupcakes and the occasional baked cake to take home on the spot.

The shop will provide seasonal offerings which at the moment include an edible chocolate snowman which can serve as a centrepiece, holiday gift or personal indulgence.  These are custom prepared and require advance notice, so get your order in early.

Plans are to open five days a week from Wednesday to Sunday with hours from 11 am to 5pm most days.  Stop by the shop at 32 King St. East, or learn more by visiting their Facebook or website or call 705-932-0110. KG

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