Letters to the Editor

Thank you so much for publishing “Woodleigh Farms’ Waste Diversion Proposal” (Times October 2020). It’s initiatives like this that give us hope for the future! This is the kind of real, environmentally sustainable action that we all need to embrace if we and our world are to have any chance of survival.

Thanks again,

Glen Spurrell, Millbrook

Last year, we could tell that our maples were coming to the end of their natural life.

Shortly after Christmas, two beautiful trees were cut down by a team of arbourists.

Thanks to conversations with Evan Grieger and Ryan Huntley, the wood  was shared with various people in the village.  Christmas decorations, firewood and milled wood were created.

When it came to replacing the trees, there were many conversations with Evan Grieger from the township and our neighbours.

We would like to thank Evan for his patience and his commitment throughout the process.  We are delighted that the tree canopy on Anne Street will continue over the coming years.

Geoff and Sally Taylor, Millbrook

How would you feel if you were intentionally misled and used to spread misinformation?

Recently, I was shown a flyer distributed to the Church communities in the Township.  In essence, it said that allowing ATV/ORVs to use Township properties would make it impossible to practice religious services in the Township.  Quite a statement!

Being very familiar with the proposal document to create a Township Multi Use Trail System – the plan to build trails for pedestrians, horse riding, bicycles and ORVs that could use Township properties as links as discussed in the Township’s Master Trail Plan – 2010 – provided at the May 6th, 2019 Council Meeting; I know that ‘Key Design Points’ in the Plan include “Speed reduction and/or quiet zones for sensitive areas such as the 4th Line Theater” and this would include Churches/Church properties.

In checking with the parties carrying on working with the Township on this proposal, they have reassured me that there are no changes to the key fundamentals of the plan even with the upcoming changes with the Provincial Bill 107.  In other words, Churches and Church Services have been addressed, as well as the 4th Line Theater and other possible sensitive areas, if the base plan is followed.

I encourage all to read the document and ask questions.  The document – ‘The Plan’ can be found on the Township website under the May 6, 2019 Council Meeting agenda pdf – pages 59 to 113 for The Plan’ and pages 77 for ‘Key Design Points’.  If you have problems finding the pages you want, please contact Elana Arthurs, Clerk at the Township office or email me – Steela285@gmail.com

Helping to clean up misinformation.

Al Steel, Cavan

Moloks to the Rescue

We would like to congratulate the township on the installation of two moloks at the Transfer Station.  While we compost all our fruit and vegetable waste in our own bins for use on our garden, we have had to put meat and dairy waste in the garbage since we live outside the pilot area for the Organic Waste Program and don’t want to attract unwelcome varmints to our bins.

Now we are thrilled to be able to take this portion of our garbage and deposit it in one of the molok bins at the Transfer Station, which leaves us with, at the most, just one small grocery bag to leave at the end of our driveway for pick-up each week.

BUT, each time we have brought our organic waste to deposit in the molok, we see that people are dumping in plastic bags.  We note that the township website specifies compostable or paper bags, and perhaps what we’re seeing are indeed compostable.  Certainly, the warning against putting plastic bags into the mix is posted on site.  However, we would hate to lose this program now that we have it, and hope that there can be more direction and individual attention to getting this right.  This has the potential to drastically cut down on our township’s tippage fee for waste, so it would be great to get the word out!

Doug and Celia Hunter, Millbrook  

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