Letter to the Editor – The Day the Music Died


UPDATE: February 5, 2018

The situation will be resolved today with a change to the noise by-law to allow for Joe’s music to continue. Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming response and concern! KG

When we came to this area in 1975, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the land and the Village of Millbrook, a treasure of the past and the present.  Some of the stores are gone, new ones have taken their place on this historic village main street.

One unique business that keeps contributing its very special delight to downtown Millbrook is Joe Longo’s barbershop.  Among the variety of curious objects in his store window, there is a herd of beautiful brass horses.   During the growing season, this master gardener may show an amazing array of his homegrown veggies.  One is always welcome to stop in for a word or two and a friendly smile.

But Joe’s unique gift to this community over the years has been the wonderful music of his extensive, eclectic collection, softly wafting out into King Street over two tiny speakers.

Recently, due to a complaint, the local Noise Pollution Bylaw has been invoked.

Now the music has stopped and Millbrook is the poorer for it.

Grace and Harald Glass, Millbrook

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