Gotta Guy Plumbing

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Guy Westbye is ready to take on your plumbing challenges.

Do you have a guy?  The catchy name certainly sticks in the mind, which is what Ida resident, Dave Westbye, was going for when he set out on his own in a new plumbing business.

A licensed journeyman plumber, Dave brings more than twenty years of experience to the job, where he has faced down mundane challenges from broken toilets and clogged drains, to the sophisticated issues of nuclear reactors.  His career began with registration in the Peterborough Union Hall, where he responded to many commercial and industrial calls.  For six years he worked for Maly Plumbing in Peterborough where he saw the service side of the business, and has spent the past three years retooling reactor #3 in Darlington.  He has also plumbed a few new homes.  With Covid came a slowdown in industrial projects so he decided it was time to take control and go out on his own.

While commercial/industrial projects involve complicated work, Dave explains that in some ways the large industrial jobs are easier to complete.  In those projects plumbers work from detailed drawings outlining every step of the project and are provided with cabinets filled with all parts and fittings required to complete it.  On the other hand, service work requires more investigative thought and finding the best alternative and the parts to find a solution to the issue at hand.  He enjoys the challenge of figuring things out.

In their spare time, Dave and his wife Charlina began to tap some maple trees on their property, and have now expanded the hobby to include 300 trees.  He has helped a few local syrup producers update their equipment, with the support of Steve Brackenridge at Squirrel Creek Farm.

Having grown up in Peterborough, he knows the network of contractors but sees opportunities closer to home.  He believes that people trust their neighbours which will help him build a customer base locally.  After only a few weeks since he put out his shingle, he has been called to barns and homes for new installs or repairs as well as water treatment services to protect expensive appliances and faucets from hard, untreated water.

If you need help, Dave would like to be your guy.  He can be reached by phone at 705-761-7013 or by email at  KG

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