New Year, New Business for Bethany Couple

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Rob Foster and Sherry-Anne Smith are adding surface cleaning to their repertoire of skills with the purchase of a mobile, dustless, blasting unit which uses vapour and recycled glass to remove paint, rust, and dirt.

It’s not news that the pandemic has wreaked havoc on restaurants everywhere.  After ten months of financial pressure, Rob Foster and Sherry-Anne Smith, owners of Coach’s Diner and Pizzeria in Bethany, decided it was time to launch plan B.

The couple have been operating the diner for the past six years.  Thanks to enthusiastic community support, the pizza business has thrived during the pandemic.  However even when the restaurant was allowed to open, with only ten tables the couple determined that it was not worth the expense of opening the diner with the reduced capacity mandated by public health restrictions.  They decided to make an investment in themselves.

One of their biggest hobbies is a shared interest in classic cars.  Customers may have seen one of their old Pontiacs parked outside the store.  They enjoy working on and taking their cars to the local car shows, where presentation is key.  To get that glossy paint job requires painstaking preparation, where rust and old paint is removed.  In speaking with other enthusiasts, the couple recognized a need for an easier paint removal process for people trying to restore their old cars. This led them to this new business venture.

They have launched SNR Dustless Blasting, and have purchased a mobile unit which strips paint and debris from metal, masonry and wooden surfaces.  It uses a mixture of recycled crushed glass and water which is subjected to air pressure and vaporized.  The process is called “dustless” because it does not create the plume associated with sand blasting as the dust adheres to vapour particles and falls to the ground. The process makes quick work of paint, dirt and rust removal from vehicles, farm and industrial equipment, concrete and brick.  Retail applications include cleaning rod iron fences and railings and even wooden decks.

The water pressure is calibrated based on the surface being treated, so a lower pressure would be used to strip wooden deck as opposed to a tractor.  The coarseness of the glass chips used also varies, much like different grades of sandpaper.   Mounted on the unit is a 200 gallon water tank and a 100 foot hose, allowing the operator to get closer to the surface in tight quarters.

Because the system is mobile, Rob comes to the client, which makes it very convenient.  Like a kid with a new toy, Rob has been experimenting with the equipment on metal and a few old barn beams to get the formula of pressure and glass just right.  He has been approached by farmers and heavy equipment operators who look forward to having their equipment ready for the spring, when he expects the business to take off.

As for the diner, the couple plan to re-open the family-run business as soon as rules allow.  If the blasting business takes off, Sherry-Anne and the couple’s daughter will deal with the restaurant.  It would be a welcome change to have too much business after the last ten months.

For more information about SNR Blasting, drop into the pizza shop for a chat, call 705-878-6906 or email Rob at KG

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