COMMENT – Whose Rights?

Early in the pandemic, a US talk show interviewed a young mother who complained about having to isolate upon her return from a trip, arguing if others were afraid of the risk she posed, they should stay home, not her.  This is now a growing sentiment.

Protestors against public health restrictions claim they violate their human rights.  But what about the rights of those who play by the rules?

Flouting public health rules is like drunk driving:  it’s not only the driver who is put at risk.  As hospitalizations rise in Canada, talk has begun about how to ration health care resources should the need arise.  Some argue that people who defy or publicly protest pandemic public health measures should voluntarily go to the back of the line for medical care in favour of those who play by the rules, should hospital resources become strained.

In other words, with rights come responsibilities.  Or in the words of Seinfeld’s George Costanza, “We’re living in a society!”   Let’s keep it one where everyone’s rights are respected.  Until 2021, keep well.  KG

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