COMMENT – March 2021

Our community is changing.  For the most part, we might feel that we have little influence on most of the changes – the scale of a new development, public health measures that restrict our activities, and even the proposed changes to Cavan’s “four corners” intersection.  These changes are prescribed for us by a higher authority.  Some of the changes are good and some of the less desirable are temporary. We may grumble but usually we acquiesce.

One thing we can influence is what businesses remain standing when this mess is over.  During these days when we are limiting our shopping excursions, it might be tempting to patronize larger stores outside the village, but our local small businesses need our support now more than ever, and they are working hard to earn your business. Check out the BIA’s new Bingo promotion and drop into some stores you haven’t visited for a while to see how you can help them stick around.  Retail vacancies can be contagious.  Let’s show our local merchants some love.  KG

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