Character-Building Assembly for North Cavan Students


Photo Karen Graham.
Goofy expressions, explosive sound effects and ridiculous story lines entertained North Cavan Students during a character-building assembly known as the NED show.

Last month, North Cavan students were told they could all be champions in an entertaining presentation called the NED show.  This character education program is delivered to elementary students and centers around a cardboard cartoon character whose name is an acronym for Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best. It was delivered by a young man who also felt like a cartoon character, with exaggerated facial expressions, dramatic sound effects and telling a wild story featuring aliens, circus acts, space travel and pets.  In other words, it was perfectly targeted and resonated extremely well with students, particularly with those in the younger grades who enthusiastically joined in the antics.

One of the main props used in the presentation was a yo-yo, which has been featured in the program for more than 25 years.  The yo-yo tricks created a fun atmosphere and apparently ensure a memorable message.  There is also a financial angle to the toy.  The NED program can be funded through a Pay-It-Forward program, where host schools receive the presentation at no cost provided they host a sale of NED yo-yos which pay for a presentation at another school.  Hopefully the among the good decisions inspired by this assembly is one where students maintain a safe distance when mastering their new yo-yo moves.  KG

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