Cavan Hills Landscaping Making Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for 20 Years

Photo Karen Graham.
Cavan Hills Landscaping owner, Darcy Beck (centre), with Shawn Osborne to his left, and Trey Gordon on the right, in front of a set of new stone steps providing a beautiful and functional entrance to a heritage home in the village.


With more than twenty years of experience in the landscape and horticulture industry, Darcy Beck of Cavan Hills Landscaping has always been busy, but the pandemic has taken the demand for his work to a whole new level.  While inquiries are at an all-time high, finding the resources to complete projects is more difficult than ever, making it challenging to complete his growing list of projects.

Beck has always enjoyed working outdoors, but landscaping projects also allow him to be creative.  He appreciates the opportunity to transform spaces in ways that allow his customers to maximize the enjoyment of their outdoor spaces, which he finds very satisfying.

He advises residents approaching a landscape project to do some homework and take some time to develop ideas on how they plan to use the space and how they would like it to look.  Having a few photos to demonstrate their ideas helps.  Beck comes with some ideas of his own and relies on 3D technology to communicate the possibilities with his clients. These days, natural stone is the preferred medium, as natural stone steps and Armour stone walls are on trend.  The firm also sees many interlocking stone walks and patios and large tree installation projects these days.

Landscape projects can represent significant investments for the homeowner, and at Cavan Hills Landscaping, the planning process includes detailed, written estimates to accompany the plan.  The firm has been creating beautiful outdoor spaces in and around the Peterborough, Cavan, Millbrook and Port Hope areas since 2000.  The hardscape in their projects is guaranteed for three years, while plants are guaranteed for one.

Homeowners who are considering renovating their outdoor spaces are well-advised to think ahead to allow the time to create a transformation that meets their vision and their budget.  Like any competent professional, Beck’s season books early, but his attention to detail and careful execution ensures customer satisfaction when the projects are complete.  To learn more, visit  KG

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