Drew McFadden’s Unique Chick Fostering Business

Two years ago, thirteen-year-old Drew McFadden returned from the Millbrook Fair with two chickens. The chicken coop in the yard near his house had not been occupied for decades, but he quickly converted it to a comfortable living space for his new charges.  The renovations also took into consideration Drew’s… Continue reading

New Plan of Subdivision Received by Peterborough County

It appears that the appetite for building new residences in Millbrook has not yet been satisfied. Last week, Peterborough County confirmed it had received another complete Application for a Plan of Subdivision for property in Cavan-Monaghan from CSU Development, an arm of Bromont Homes which is owned and operated by… Continue reading

What Will It Take to Get It Done?

Every day we hear reports about the status of the provincial vaccination roll-out.  Until recently, the news has been very encouraging, as vaccine supply increased dramatically and residents lined up for their “jabs.”  In the last few weeks, vaccine uptake has slowed, and immunization rates now vary dramatically across parts… Continue reading

Pop-Up Clinic Coming to Millbrook

Vaccines will be offered at the Cavan-Monaghan Community Centre on Tuesday, August 17th from 9 am, and will offer both first and second doses of mRNA vaccines for residents who are aged 18 and up – no appointment necessary. Individuals become eligible for their second dose of the vaccine 28… Continue reading

COMMENT: Expanding our Definition of Community

We all have an idea what “community” means.  It’s intimate, local, familiar.  In the second week of the 2020 Olympics, that definition may have broadened a bit, if only for a few weeks.  We share the frustration of the disqualified athlete who jumps the gun, and the disappointment of the… Continue reading

Application for Retail Cannabis Store in Cavan Has Some Residents Concerned

A few Cavan residents were surprised to learn last week that an application had been made for the approval of a retail cannabis store to operate at the Galerie Q location at 1521 County Rd. 10.  Documents posted on the building’s exterior indicate that the deadline for public comments about… Continue reading

Cavan Hills Landscaping Making Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for 20 Years

  With more than twenty years of experience in the landscape and horticulture industry, Darcy Beck of Cavan Hills Landscaping has always been busy, but the pandemic has taken the demand for his work to a whole new level.  While inquiries are at an all-time high, finding the resources to… Continue reading

Another Local Summer Company Entrepreneurship Program

The Summer Company Program is the Government of Ontario’s flagship youth entrepreneurship program which helps youth aged 15-29 try their hand at business ownership by connecting them with up to $3000 in start-up funding, one-on-one guidance from BAC staff, advice and mentorship from local business leaders, access to business workshops,… Continue reading