Cavan FC won the OWSL Central Region (East) Championship

Photo supplied.

In its inaugural season, Cavan FC won the Ontario Women’s’ Soccer League (OWSL) Central Region (East) Championship with 11 wins and 3 losses.  Team members from left to right: top row- Liz Shaughnessy-Rowe, Mikenna Huggins, Laura Davidson, Callie Bazak, Jennifer Powless, Samantha Gillingham, Kim Davidson;   bottom row- Zoe Harrington, Valerie Andrew,  Yasmine Ezway, Ashley Gilbert, Hilary Harpell, Valaine Confesor, Siobhan Doyle.  Absent are Sarah Batley, Shannon Azzarello and Emily Dunford. Manager: Angela Penello, Coaches: Scott Poser, Liz Shaughnessy-Rowe. KG

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