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Karen Graham

A Peterborough native, Robert Hiseler has spent most of his life in Peterborough but has spent time in several parts of Canada to complete his education. After completing an undergraduate degree at Queen’s, he headed east to the University of New Brunswick for a law degree to spend some time in the Maritimes where his mother grew up. His academic strengths were reflected in several awards and his position on the Dean’s List, but he soon headed west to Alberta to complete his final year of law and his articling, drawn in part by his finance who was completing a doctorate degree in Psychology in Calgary. With academics behind them, the young couple moved back to Peterborough, and Hiseler was called to the Bar in Ontario in 2014, and joined his current firm, McGillen Keay Cooper, in January 2015.

Hiseler’s law practise is very diverse. With some early experience in social services, Rob is very focused on protecting his clients’ well-being. He explains that the role of a lawyer for most “regular folks” is to advise and protect them as they traverse critical life events, including real estate purchases, small business issues and estate planning.

Robert Hiseler to open satellite law office. Photo: Supplied.

Robert Hiseler to open satellite law office. Photo: Supplied.

Having completed his first year of practise in Peterborough, he has been surprised at how the weather has affected his professional activity this fall. Real estate transactions have been arriving on his desk right up until Christmas this year as buyers continued to snap up real estate in the unseasonably warm weather. While most real estate transactions do not require customized attention, Hiseler explains that for some transactions the insertion of an “escape hatch” type of clause can prevent significant problems down the road if things do not go as planned.

One of his main areas of expertise is dealing with estate issues as he drafts wills and powers of attorney. Due to the nature of this type of work, it can be particularly challenging. He has received calls to the hospital to draft wills at the very last minute, but in order to do so, the client must demonstrate the mental capacity to engage his services. There are occasions when he is summoned by family members with good intentions, but he cannot be hired by them to draft a will for someone else, which can sometimes be a difficult message to deliver in an already emotional time. As a lawyer, Rob can only act on instructions received by the client who must have the legal capacity to provide them.

Hiseler also helps small business owners by drafting standard form contracts with landlords, tenants, suppliers and occasionally employees as well as helping business owners incorporate them when the need arises.

When Hiseler enters his Peterborough office building, he is reminded that it is where his working life began. Located in the Turner building on King Street in Peterborough, it’s a location where Rob found his first job in the kitchen of a small restaurant. Needless to say, his attire at his new job is quite different and so is his skill set.

Having purchased a home in town this summer, Hiseler is enjoying the small town lifestyle of walking to town for groceries, go to the post office or visit the local coffee shop. He has also been spotted at community events as he is eager to participate in the activities of the area.   Expect to see more of him in the coming months, as his firm has identified Millbrook as an under-serviced area and is planning to open a satellite office in town. Hiseler will provide with some scheduled office hours to help local residents deal with a wide variety of problems with his trademark level of care and professionalism.

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