Work Begins at the Mill


With the fundraising campaign in full swing, work has begun on the project to move Needler’s Mill onto a new, stable foundation.  Last week, soil sampling took place in preparation for the engineer’s design of the new foundation.

Photo: Supplied.

Photo: Supplied.

This foundation will be located right next to where the mill currently sits.  The flour/grist mill will move not just to give it a new foundation but also to allow for the widening of the weir portion of the Millbrook Dam.


With the work underway, fundraising is the focus right now for the Historical Society.  The estimated cost of this project is $90,000.   The response from the community in the first weeks of the campaign has been exciting, with close to $1,000 raised at last Thursday’s Memories of the Mill event alone.  This week watch for the Mill-o-Meter in Millbrook which will give everyone an up-to-the-minute count of the funds raised.  The miniature replica of the mill in the TD bank gives everyone a chance to donate easily during banking hours, and there is also a secure on-line option on the fundraising website, 

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